This ‘March Sadness’ Bracket Is Brilliant — All Of The Worst Trends And People From The Past Year

I have no doubt in my mind that you bros have each filled out no less than five brackets each by now, some of you might’ve filled out more than 20 if you’re really into March Madness and/or gambling. This bracket, this is a horse of a different color. Instead of filling out the bracket with teams we think will win it all, we’re filling out brackets to rank the worst goddamn trends of the past year (Tidal, Tapas, Fedoras, etc) and the worst people of the past year (Shia LeBeouf, Roger Goodell, you get the point).

I’ve broken down this bracket into the four regions to make it a little easier for you bros to read. The full bracket is down below and you can click through on the imgur link to see it in full size if you’re on mobile and having trouble reading the names. Again, this is a ‘March Sadness’ bracket and it’s got nothing to do with actual March Madness, so if/when you fill out your bracket what you’re doing is picking the shittiest person or trend in all of the matchups, the one that drove you the most insane over the past year….Notably missing from this list is President Obama, the man that’s driven millions of Americans insane over the past year, I’m not quite sure how he was left off the bracket but that’s on them, not me.

Now let’s check out the March Sadness Bracket by region (via Reddit/Imgur)

Here’s the bracket in full, which you can click here for the full-sized image over on Imgur, with that you can then print it out and write-in your selections. If you want you can then TWEET THEM AT ME HERE or email to Cass AT BroBibleDotCom and I’ll keep track of everybody’s selections:

An example of a filled out/mock March Sadness bracket would look like this, from Redditor ItsDarts:

Distribute to your coworkers, print them and pass them around your dorm, email them to your frat, whatever you want. Basically the more people we have filling these out and then voting on who/what was the worst (the brackets also work as de facto voting) the better results we’ll have when it’s all said and done.