This ONE CHART Is Why Big Pharma Is Lobbying So Hard Against Marijuana Legalization, And It All Makes Sense Now

I don’t need to tell you bros that we’re in an election year, every time we turn our heads on the Internet we get punched in the face with HOT TAKES about the candidates. I’m ready to get my goddamn vote on so we can put this election behind us, but we’ve still got many months to go. And as we march towards the November election the propaganda wars on TV have begun to reach a fever pitch, and down here in Sarasota, Florida I’m living at Ground Zero for the Big Pharma war against marijuana legalization.

Make no mistake of it, the pharmaceutical industry stands to lose BILLIONS annually if cannabis is legalized at the federal level, even if it’s just medical marijuana, and they are willing to shell out millions to stop that from advertising. This chart from the Washington Post’s Wonkblog is the one chart Big Pharma doesn’t want you to see. Here we see how many fewer doses of pharmaceutical prescriptions are dolled out, per doctor, in areas where medical marijuana has been legalized:

Those are the average stats for EVERY doctor. This would be the nail in the coffin for big pharma, and they’re going to fight tooth and nail to stop legalization from happening. So partisanship aside, if legalization is on the ballot in your state then please vote to stop our nation’s crippling dependency on opioids and other pills.

And by the way, I’m not speaking for everyone here at BroBible when I say that I’m pro-legalization. I feel like recently people have got it in their heads that everyone who works at BroBible is of one mind and ideology, and that’s completely poppycock. We’ve got a rather large office full of daily contributors and editors, and all of us came from different backgrounds, both regionally, socioeconomically, and ideologically. Just because you saw one writer say something you didn’t like doesn’t mean there’s some secret agenda to derail your candidate’s success, so please chill the fuck out. I’m about as Libertarian as it comes, and I guess this will help you a little bit in understanding why I think the government should keep their greedy fucking hands out of marijuana, stop arresting people for minor weed infractions, and just legalize it on the federal level already. It’s fucking bullshit that we live in a country full of privatized prisons who get wealthy off of marijuana arrests while ruining the lives of Americans, and that shit needs to end. The flip side of that of course is that people shouldn’t be breaking the law, under any circumstances, even if the laws are bullshit.

(h/t WonkBlog)

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