The Marines’ Underwater Helicopter Escape Drill Makes Me Very Comfortable With My Decision Not To Enlist

I have the utmost respect for the armed services. They suit up everyday to go out and fight for our freedoms in a foreign country while the rest of us get to complain that our Keurig doesn’t work as well as it used to. I never understand how people can find it in themselves to not support our troops. Even if they disagree with the war, don’t take it out on soldiers. Hate the war, not the soldiers.

I mostly have such respect for our troops because, honestly, I know that they do things I never could do. If I ever got drafted, my first comment would absolutely be, “You expect me to carry all this heavy equipment while I’m running away?” I’m just not built for that kind of stuff. Like this drill the Marines run where they have to practice escaping from a helicopter that has been downed in a large body of water.

First of all, being in any submerged vehicle is my nightmare. Car, plane, boat, submarine, you name it, I’m against it. Just way too many situations that end with me drowning in a confined space. So right there, I give these guys credit for calmly preparing for the worst possible outcome. Secondly, this is practice and that looks dangerous as hell. I know they have people sitting there watching them and making sure, but still. Just because you have a sharpshooter standing next to you on the gun range doesn’t mean that the gun still can’t explode in your hand. I guess this why they’re the few and the proud, because there are plenty of people like me who are not even remotely proud enough to have any problem admitting how ill-prepared they would be for a situation like this.