SHOTS FIRED: Mark Cuban Sounds Off On Donald Trump, Essentially Calling Him A Fake Billionaire

Mark Cuban and Donald Trump simply do not like each other. Actually, check that, Mark Cuban and Donald Trump hate each other. Their feud goes back to 2012, when Mark Cuban propositioned Trump to shave his head for a $1 million donation to the charity of Trump’s choice. Trump responded by essentially calling Cuban a fame whore who “tries so hard to be a star but truly doesn’t have what it takes and never will.”

The two billionaires are back at each other’s throats again, as Cuban delivered some strong words about Trump on his app CyberDust. The respected Mavs owner called Trumps bluff on his actual worth and made the distinction between net worth and liquid assets, going so far as to call him a ‘Paper Tiger.’ The transcript was obtained by the Dallas Morning News:


“So who wants me to talk about Donald Trump and his candidacy for President ?

I can’t resisit ! So if you don’t want to read about it, hit those dots in the upper right and mute me

It’s time !

Hey, Dusters, let’s talk Trump. So much to say that it can’t happen in one blast. But the first place to start is his net worth.

He has been bragging that he is worth north of ten billion dollars.

Ok. While’s it’s a big number, it’s not an important number. In fact it’s a play number.

Let’s say you own a painting that gets appraised at 10 billion dollars. That gives you a net worth of 10 billion. But that does not mean you have a lot of cash

In fact it’s possible to be worth billions, but not be able to pay your rent

How much cash does Donald have? We don’t know for sure. But we do know whatever cash he has, post his several corporate bankruptcies, he hates to spend it

And the one thing about the race for the Presidency is that it takes a lot of CASH

Not net worth. Cash. Cash. Cash

We have yet to see Trump spend much on building an organization, which. Is critical to getting votes. We have yet to see that he has raised money from supporters.

After all who feels the need to donate money to a guy who says he is worth 10 billion dollars?

It’s the Trump Conundrum. He is a Paper Tiger.

It’s very possible that he doesn’t have the cash himself and has bragged himself into a position where he can’t afford the cash it takes to run for President!”

Now we sit, wait, and monitor Twitter to see how Trump responds to essentially being called a poor piece of shit.

[h/t Complex]

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