Mark Zuckerberg Announced His New Year’s Resolution And He’s Going Full Tony Stark, We Should All Be Scared

by 3 years ago


Every year on Facebook Mark Zuckerberg announces his ‘personal challenge’, which is how the Facebook billionaire describes his ‘new year’s resolution’. In the past you might’ve heard how Zuckerberg learned to speak Mandarin Chinese, which he later surprised Chinese politicians with by speaking during a meeting at the White House. He also made it his goal to read two books per month, a personal challenge he’s supposedly stuck by. Well, this year Zuck’s not only set his most ambitious personal challenge yet, but he’s set one that will (1) turn him into Tony Stark and (2) herald the end of civilization as we know it.

Zuck wants to ramp up the use of artificial intelligence in his life (AI), by creating his very own JARVIS, the electronic assistant that Tony Stark / Iron Man uses in The Avengers series…Here’s what Mark has to say about this year’s personal challenge (via Facebook):

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