Mark Zuckerberg Has Already Made $3.4 Billion This Year

by 5 years ago

By my count, Zuckerberg has made around $103 million each day in 2014. But I could be wrong. I didn't make Facebook or anything!

According to Bloomberg, Zuck has benefited greatly from a surging Facebook stock price. Nearly all of his $3.4 billion figure materialized on Jan. 30, when Facebook released a dynamite quarterly earnings report that showed more than half of revenue coming from mobile devices. 

Then there's the rate at which he's beating other billionaires in the race to the financial top. None of the other world's other Scrooge McDucks have gained even half the amount Zuck has made in 2014. From Bloomberg:

The pickup has helped Zuckerberg narrow the gap to the closest unfathomably rich chief executives in the technology sector, Google’s (GOOG) Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who have each gained a paltry $1.4 billion in 2014.

Meanwhile, Amazon’s (AMZN) Jeff Bezos has lost $3.4 billion this year, the fourth-worst rout on the Bloomberg charts. (For comparison’s sake, that’s almost exactly the size of Utah’s public education budget for 2012.) Like Zuckerberg, Bezos has most of his net worth in his company’s stock, so he lost billions on Jan. 31 when Amazon reported disappointing results.

To catch Page, Brin, and Bezos, Zuckerberg would need Facebook shares to advance another 18 percent this year, while Google and Amazon stand still.


If he continues at this rate, Zuckerberg will have made 49 quintajillion dollars by 2020. It will be a record.

[H/T: Valleywag; photo via the seminal blog post “Mark Zuckerberg Probably Didn’t Pop Molly, But Is Definitely Sweating, in This Photo at Rave“]

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