Want to Go to Mars? A Reality TV Show Wants to Send You There

Before we go any further, lemme just… find the… perfect song… to play in the background for this.


How is Mars One paying for this? What kind of person are they looking for? Is this technically legal? I've got answers.

The Netherlands-based nonprofit Mars One, which hopes to put the first boots on the Red Planet in 2023, released its basic astronaut requirements on Tuesday, setting the stage for a televised global selection process that will begin later this year.

Mars One isn't zeroing in on scientists or former fighter pilots; anyone who is at least 18 years old can apply to become a Mars colony pioneer. The most important criteria, officials say, are intelligence, good mental and physical health and dedication to the project, as astronauts will undergo eight years of training before launch.

Mars One, which transitioned from a private company to a nonprofit late last year, has already received a number of inquiries from prospective colonists, officials said.

Final astronaut candidates will be selected after review by Mars One experts and a global TV event. Those chosen will be employed by Mars One during their Earth-based training and for the length of their time on the Red Planet, officials said.


Got that? You're not coming back. So upsides to this are, what, worldwide fame, historic importance, and the opportunity to become the first human being ever to have sex on a different planet? (Please, please pick at least one hot female astronaut, Mars One. You're guaranteed huge ratings only if you appeal to our awful male instincts.) Downsides, though: Well, you're not seeing Earth up-close ever again. So say goodbye to non-freeze-dried food, the outdoors, and everyone you've ever known, I guess. A tradeoff for sure.

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