Watch Massive Brawl Erupt At Stereosonic EDM Festival That Leaves One Man Unconscious

We take you to Sydney where Australia’s premier EDM festival, Sterosonic, went down and was the site of a vicious free-for-all. Over 20 concertgoers threw-down at the festival that saw some greatest DJ’s including Calvin Harris, Diplo, Tiësto, Skrillex, Alesso and Steve Aioki perform.

During the latter half of Showtek’s set, around 7 p.m. on Nov. 29, a ginormous brawl broke out. One unlucky man can be seen being shoved to the ground where he is then brutalized by several kicks to the head. The battered individual was left unconscious as security attempted to revive him. “Sydney, show some love,” was announced by Showtek in an attempt to calm the masses.

Festivalgoer Trent Auld commented on the crazy scene:

“People were being thrown around. You saw people hit the ground or getting stomped on. Punches going everywhere. There was one guy left on the floor and he was in a pretty bad state. I’m not sure how he got taken out of there.”

Security guards attempted to stop the brawl from growing, but the sheer size of the melee, not to mention that most of the combatants were muscle-bound bruisers, made quelling the violence extremely difficult.