McDonald’s Is Reportedly Getting Rid Of The Dollar Menu Next Year

McDonald’s is reportedly getting rid of its Dollar Menu come 2016, and while they are already set to add (and in some areas have already added) mozzarella sticks to their menu, they will only be available on the new “McPick 2” menu:

McDonald’s reps have confirmed that they will be eliminating the Dollar Menu at the beginning of next year. As a replacement, the fast-food chain is launching the “McPick 2” menu, which will allow customers to pay $2 for two items, including the McDouble, McChicken sandwiches, small fries and new mozzarella sticks,according to Fortune.

“These new McPick 2 offers are just the start and are part of a broader value platform grounded in what our customers are looking for—choice and flexibility,” McDonald’s spokesperson Lisa McComb said.(via)

So TECHNICALLY it’s now the Two Dollar Menu, but what happens if I only want one item and not two? Do I still have to pay $2? Do I shoot myself in the face and head over to Burger King? Do I just rage quit and go hungry? So many questions, none of which will be answered in this post.

Oh well, at least we now have all-day breakfast.

[H/T People]