‘McScuse Me, Bitch?’ — Woman With A McMullet Has Truly Epic Rant About McDonald’s Customer Service

Real talk, the entire time I was watching this truly epic video I had Archer on in the background. I’m now convinced that this chick ranting on camera about her crappy experience at McDonald’s is the real life equivalent of Pam Poovey on Archer. Her voice, the inflection, it’s all 100% Pam.

Now for the video itself, it sounds like this woman had a miserable experience at McDonald’s with one of the counter workers basically calling her fat, which goes without saying isn’t cool at all. This video was top notch up until the point she dropped ‘McScuse me’ and that’s when I decided that this is the best video I’ve seen so far this month:

This video went up on Facebook roughly 24 hours ago and already it’s got over 12 million views…This is as viral as it gets. And I’m going to go ahead and assume that this took place in my home state of Florida, because this chick’s not wearing any warm clothes. It could’ve happened in Southern California but I’m really getting a distinctly ‘Southern’ vibe out of this one. Other than that I’ve got zero details on this video, so if you know the origins by all means hit me up down below in the comments and enlighten me as to where the McDonald’s in question is.

[h/t Knuckles]

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