‘If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans’ Shows How Unbearably Obnoxious Vegans Are

On a good week I might eat vegetables once a day, at best. On an average week I might eat veggies every other day alongside a heaping portion of meat. I’ll switch up the chicken breast by subbing in spicy chicken sausage, or a T-Bone (I actually just picked up a T-Bone to grill tonight). So while I don’t eat meat with the same frequency that vegans eat veggies I think I’m about as close as it gets, the only difference is that I’m not a proselytizing little bitch that finds every opportunity to tell another human being how they should be living their life.

The woman who I share a house with, otherwise known as my wife, she doesn’t eat meat. She’s been a pescatarian since she was 7-years-old, meaning that she eats seafood and veggies but not meat (chicken, beef, etc). I don’t press eating meat on here but every now and then when I’m enjoying a particularly good meal I’ll suggest that if she was ever going to rejoin the omnivores that it might be the time, I think the last time I asked her to try something was a particularly delicious alligator sausage during a trip in New Orleans. Or it might’ve been when I had a pastrami-spice New York Strip in NYC at American Cut, one of the most unique steaks I’ve ever been presented….Do you see what I’m doing here? Do you see the power of meat?

Steak is so fucking good that I can recall exquisite cuts of meat I ate 20+ years ago when I was just a little kid, you think there’s a vegan alive that ever had a meal so good that they could tell you everything that was on the plate that night bak in August of 1998? Fuck no, because being a vegan sucks. And that’s why they can’t shut up about being vegans, because they want everyone to share in their misery.

P.s., I love this video.
(via r/videos)