Meek Mill Went On A Demented Instagram Rant Involving Jay-Z And Internet Trolls

by 3 years ago


I wouldn’t have any idea who Meek Mill is if he hadn’t gotten his ass whooped by Drake in their back-and-forth diss track battle, but now after reading his rant on Instagram I gotta tell ya:

I wish I still didn’t know who he was.

Like read this shit below. Tell me if it makes any fucking sense to you:


Like seriously guys? This is who we’re paying attention to (at least partially) in pop culture? His message isn’t AWFUL but it also isn’t great, and holy hell my 4-year-old cousin can write more lucidly than this even though he’s still sticking crayons up his butt. I’ve taken the liberty of translating it for you, although it’s not a whole lot better message-wise:

Instagram needs to have an option where you’re able to turn the comments off so that Internet trolls can’t talk shit without being in the physical presence of whoever they’re bitching about! You can put up a picture of someone who died and the trolls will still talk shit…street dudes on Instagram are bragging about how they got other people thrown in jail and going on to praise the snitches; instead of being looked down upon it’s becoming accepted! I watched people laugh about Bobby Shmurda getting thrown in jail when he was on his way to becoming famous and being able to provide for his family like it’s a joke. Adults are trolling kids, people are using Instagram photos to make money off of mentally challenged children…people are exposing their own friends and family for attention and talking shit about each other just to make money.

Most of the trolls don’t even have 500 followers on Instagram, which just goes to show that these people are losers in real life AND on the Internet and are willing to say anything just for the attention. Social media is changing the world and the trolls are winning! Jay-Z once told me that social media was created for people who wouldn’t speak even if they were standing right in front of you; for people who are too scared to walk up to a male/female and strike up a conversation or to ask to go on a date! He even said you can’t separate the truths from the lies on the Internet because the Internet is full of “fake people” and they’ll hate you no matter what you say. People are in love with the Internet/troll lifestyle more than they are with real people.

Nothing has value anymore because people can fake who they are so easily online. The only people who make negative comments are the ones who feel like whatever they’re commenting on is directed at them. If the shoe fits wear it! It’s sad that the new generation has to grow up in the middle of this fake era! Even when I look at the news things are fake; for example I have nothing against Donald Trump but the fact that he’s running for president and actually having an impact? At first I thought it was a joke, but in this new fake world anything goes!

Yeah, still sort of gibberish but he’s got a point…sort of. At least he did until he started going off the rails about “fake worlds” and what-not. Yes Internet trolls are more bold behind a computer screen with a fake than they ever would be in real life, but that doesn’t take anything away from the world that’s all around you. Don’t like what people are saying in your Instagram comments? Turn your laptop off put your phone down and go outside. Maybe even delete your Instagram. Problem solved.

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