Middle School Girl Was Suspended After Giving These Brutally Honest Answers On A Sex Ed Assignment

A middle school girl was suspended from school after handing in sex education homework assignment with answers that did not mince words. The assignment, entitled ‘Objection to Condoms’, called for the student’s response to the possible excuses her partner has for not wearing a jimmy.

According to Independent,

Jordan Fridman, 21, shared an image of her younger sister Mariah’s homework for a sex-education class at her school in Montreal on Imgur.

Fridman uploaded the image with the caption: “Two years ago today, my then 14-year-old sister got suspended for submitting these answers for her sex-ed class. I’m so proud of her.”

It has since been viewed three million times.

For the record, almost every point the dude makes before Mariah responds is spot-on. Condoms don’t feel good. Condoms are gross. By the time you’ve put a condom on you’ve lost the mood. Condoms cost too much. While I understand Mariah’s rebuttals, I think it’s about time we stop making excuses for the lack of sexual advancements in protection. We’ve landed on the fucking moon and we’re still wrapping our Johnsons in saran wrap to slap skins. The sex tech community should be embarrassed.

[h/t Independent]

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