VIDEO: Miley Cyrus Has Serious Make Out Sesh With Female Fan


The Miley Cyrus Bangerz tour continues to wreak havoc on the year 2014 in general and the internet in particular.

It is becoming a Sherman-esque march to the sea, ripping a wide swath of destruction as it moves across the United States, refusing to stop until it sows enough salt into the fabric of society that we collectively lose our will to foment outrage. It will culminate with us shrugging as Miley launches a full-on assault on Washington, D.C., declaring herself President of America after urinating in Barack Obama’s mouth as a sign of both dominance and (she’ll say) performance art.

Here she is making out with a female fan. It’s hot and heavy and—like all things Miley—designed to dominate the web for the remainder of the day.


[H/T The Gloss]