If You Love Making Fun Of Millennials, This Facebook Page Is 100% The Best Thing On The Internet Right Now


There is nothing I love more than making fun of millennials. It’s not because I’m some miserly old fart, it’s because I am one and very self-aware of the idiosyncrasies of a generation that needs apps like Tinder to get laid. After all, millennials are a generation of little bitches that don’t know jackshit about managing their money, prefer the Internet over sex, don’t understand how mortgage rates work, and are generally stupid compared to every other generation.

Enter Millennials of New York. The Facebook page is a satirization of the massively popular Humans Of New York Facebook page, except with the stupid things millennials say. It’s like The Onion meets a comical indictment of the idiotic ways 20-somethings act.

Go vote for their Shorty Award. They deserve it.

Here are a few hilarious characterizations that stand out:

The Bro who always talks about working in finance but no one knows what he actually does:

People who talk about how great the ’60s are:


The person who is insanely over-judgmental about drugs:

The girl who thinks Whole Foods is the greatest thing in the world:

The girl who doesn’t shut up about what cleanse she’s doing:

Your annoying friend who always Facebook invites you to every single one of his shitty DJ shows:

The douchecanoe with a man bun who won’t shut up about his personal grooming habits:

The girl who always talks about how great it is to be single,

The couple who shares every single thing they do on Facebook:

Girls like this:

And dudes like this:

Girls with jobs that are completely made up and living off mommy and daddy’s dime:

And tools who talk about going to music festivals a lot without actually ever going to them:

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