Miss Indiana 2013 Might Be The Next ‘Hot Mugshot Girl’ After Getting A Drunk And Disorderly This Week

Terrin Thomas is no longer Miss Indiana but another crown might be coming her way — hottest mugshot of 2014.

The former pageant winner was arrested this week for causing a raucous outside an apartment building in the early morning hours Wednesday. The Bloomington Police Department said officers arrived to apartments on East 8th Street and found Terrin Thomas banging on a door. She wouldn’t cooperate with the cops and was whisked away to charity event at the local police station.

According to her public Facebook profile page, Terrin Thomas is now a Senior at Indiana University in Bloomington.

Now, will Thomas be able to bring home the hot mugshot crown? She’s got some stiff competition. Remember this hot chick from last week who was caught dealing Xanax? Now, based on hotness alone, Miss Xanax wins but let’s not forget the swimsuit competition and the question and answer segments of the pageant. Miss Indiana 2013 has the pageant chops to pull off an upset win.

I’ll happily take the loser of the competition.

H/T The Indy Channel


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