Is Mitt Romney Running? Former Presidential Candidate To Make Major Announcement Tomorrow

Hold on to your electoral butts. Everyone’s favorite well-coiffed, well-to-do Mormon, Mitt Romney, says he will address the state of the 2016 presidential race tomorrow.

Well, what could it be. Could the man who only recently battled with Donald Trump about the release of his tax returns be set to endorse him?

Hey, if Chris Christie could turncoat in about twenty minutes, it wouldn’t surprise me if Romney planned to do the Trump Stump.

But probably not likely. So what’ll it be? What could be so important that he calls a press conference if it isn’t an endorsement?

Everyone has their money on him entering the race.

(Or endorsing Rubio, but HA!)

We took a look at Mitt’s chances almost a year and determined them to be totally bunk.

So what’s changed? Well only the entire rank and file of his party falling in love with a megalomaniacal sentient toupee, which makes you think Romney could easily jump in and get the support of the party’s brass: Your Ryans, McConnells and Reince Priebuses, as well as their massive fundraising abilities.

Could a late push be enough for Mitt to collect enough delegates to change the shape of the convention? Well, Michigan, where Romney is popular, votes on Tuesday, followed by primaries in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio on March 15th. He could win Michigan and campaign on that momentum and start racking up some delegates.

Or he could get demolished when he hops right into Trump’s crosshairs.

Tune in tomorrow to find out!