Ex-Victoria’s Secret Model Reportedly Beat Tinder Guy After Finding Sexts To Chicks, Forwarded Dick Pics To His Mom

According to a new report from the New York Post, ex-Victoria’s Secret model Heather Payne has been charged with assault, attempted assault, harassment and criminal mischief after allegedly trashing Colby Kirmse’s East Village apartment and punching him in the face. Payne, who is now 42 years old and has not walked the VS catwalk since 1998, reportedly “punched Kirmse in the face, tossed his TV remote out the window, chucked his laptop across the room and shoved his TV off its stand”:

“My apartment was destroyed, and I got beat up by an ex-model — not one of my highlights,” Kirmse, 40, admitted to The Post on Sunday.

“She just destroyed everything in her path like a Tasmanian devil,” he added of the alleged July 24 beatdown, which left him with a black eye.(via)

Payne and Kirmse reportedly met through Tinder but had only gone on a few dates prior to her unannounced arrival at his apartment the morning of July 24th. Kirmse says that he woke up to her “screaming at me with my cell in her hand, going through every text.” The two supposedly never agreed on an exclusive relationship, so when Payne discovered “risqué texts and photos, including of his penis, with other women,” it’s no surprise she allegedly didn’t handle it well.

Kirmse admitted that the worst part of the ordeal was when his mom called him — after Payne had allegedly forwarded her the racy texts and seamy pictures.

“My mom was like, ‘What are all these pictures of erections?’” said Kirmse, who recently launched a discount mattress business called Better Off Bed.(via)

Rather than be dragged into court, Payne took a plea deal and agreed to pay Kirmse $2,951 for his ruined electronics. In accordance with the deal, as long as she remains out of trouble for six months her record will reportedly be wiped clean.

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