Hot Models Devote Their Lives To Saving Hundreds Of Stray Dogs–And Sometimes The Headline Just Writes Itself

Gone are the days when you have to choose between smoking hot chicks and adorable puppies. Before today, every time I sat down at my computer, I’d have an internal battle on whether I want to watch a litter of puppies get caressed by a baby monkey, or troll through pictures of Playboy models until mom calls me up for dinner.

I’ll get around to watching the puppy video, eventually.

Thanks to a group of former models known as the K-9 Angels, we no longer need to choose.

Pola Pospieszalska, Anneka Svenska and former Playboy model Victoria Eisermann, have saved over 700 dogs from ‘dog catchers’ on the streets of Romania and have found them loving homes in the UK.

The K-9 Angels, which is now a registered charity, decided to devote their lives to saving puppies when a euthanasia program was legalized in Russia in 2013 to deal with the overpopulation of dogs in Russia’s streets.

The 700 dogs the girls have saved to date have avoided the sickening treatment at the hands of Russia’s dog catchers. Over 16,000 puppies have been killed by the catchers, many of which have been clubbed to death or set on fire. Like, there’s not one better way?

The Angels plan to take their mission globally to safely tackle the global stray dog problem.

Now my only problem is deciding whether or not I should feel bad about being turned on.

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