This Mom Went On Craigslist To Find ‘Cool Black Kids’ To Hang Out With Her Son So He Wouldn’t Get Bullied Anymore

How do I know that a Mom posted this rather than a Dad? Because a Dad would tell his son to suck it the fuck up and grow a pair when it comes to being bullied rather than go out and post an ad looking for “Cool black kids” in the security section of Craigslist.

Say what you want about it, but she’s offering $15 an hour PLUS the expenses of going to the movies, ordering food, buying video games, whatever. That’s a pretty sweet rate if this is even remotely serious (which is probably isn’t, if we’re being honest here) for being a glorified baby sitter if you ask me.

My son is having trouble fitting in at school. He gets bullied a lot. I think if some cool black kids would hang out with him, the bullying would stop. Perhaps you casually meet him at 7/11 or stop and shop?(He doesn’t know I’m doing this)
Pay is the $15 an hour plus the expenses of your time together (movies, pizza etc.)

If $15 an hour sounds like a good deal to you, click here to go to the actual ad and apply to…I dunno, hang out with a little kid for a couple of hours a week I guess.

[Via Craigslist, H/T Reddit]