Mom Leaves Store In Search Of Her Favorite Doughnut, And It Must Be Delicious, Because She Left Her Baby Behind

Sometimes a person will do dumb things to crush a craving. This mom in San Diego just wanted a doughnut, and when the first shop didn’t have it, she booked it for a different shop.

But oops she forgot her baby.

Looking for a specific sweet treat, a woman took her 5-month-old baby and cousin to Golden Donuts in National City Wednesday morning. But when they learned the shop didn’t have the right doughnut, the adults walked out empty handed — too empty handed.

Left behind, sitting on a table in her car seat, was the infant, National City police said.

That better be one delicious damn doughnut. It better cause orgasms and leave bruises.

The parent realized she was down a baby once she reached the second shop, and she immediately called Golden Donuts to make sure her kid was OK.

She also asked if they’d baked any of her favorite doughnut yet, because if they didn’t, she was buying extra.

When the two rushed back, police reunited the woman with her infant. The mother told officers she and her cousin got confused about who was watching the baby at the first store.

“Who’s got the doughnuts?!?!? OK, good, you do. OH SHIT WHO HAS THE BABY?!?!”

[via NBC San Diego]

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