Teen Mom Gets Revenge On Her Baby Daddy For Dropping Their Baby By Picking The Baby Up And Beating Him With It

When I was in college, I wanted to be a teacher. However, as my time in higher education dragged on, I became more and more disillusioned with the whole thing. But it wasn’t the students. If anything, the kids were the best part. Sure, a lot of them were poorly disciplined and more than a few of them didn’t like me, but that’s what kids do. You really can’t fault a kid for being a kid. They’re just an impressionable mass of tissue and puberty. So there’s nothing worse than when a story like this hits of parents mistreating a child.

Via Daily Mail:

“Tatyana Allen was released from jail on a $30,000 bond on Tuesday after being arrested over claims she had battered her boyfriend with the child on Fourth of July on a Daytona Beach. A witness who called 911 claimed Allen hit her boyfriend with her baby and then threw the child in the sand.

The Orange County teen had traveled about 65 miles from her home to celebrate the day in Daytona before she and her partner got into an argument. Allen told the court that the baby was being held by its father at the time and she accused him of dropping the infant.

‘The persons who claim I used the [baby as a weapon], Jerrod, his father and aunt who were there personally when it happened, told cops that I did not, and they told DCF that also, ‘ Allen said, News 6 reported. Authorities arrested Allen shortly before 4.30pm on Fourth of July.

The 911 caller reportedly said: ‘The baby was screaming. It was face down in the sand. It can’t hold its head up by itself, that’s how little it was.’

The baby was taken to a hospital Monday afternoon, where he is in good condition, according to Beach Safety Ocean Rescue Captain Tammy Marris. Allen was taken into custody on charges of battery and infliction of physical and mental injury on a child. She was being held in Volusia County before she was granted bail.”

I can’t tell if this is a sick twist of the old “can’t beat them, join them” mentality but I’m pretty sure it is. Listen, we’ve all been here. Someone breaks or mangles something you hold dear so you pick it up and use it as a club to break or mangle them. Only, you know, this time it was a fucking baby. Here’s a tip I learned about babies. If you’re not sure if something is acceptable concerning babies, picture the cutest dog you know and imagine doing the same thing to it. If you wouldn’t, don’t do it to a baby. I guess really at the end of the day, we’ll never truly know what was going through this chick’s head. Maybe she was just so angry at the baby daddy that she needed to hit him with something and she thought that she was grabbing her purse. Or maybe some people shouldn’t procreate. Either one works for me.