Moms Reveal The Last Time They’ve Had Sex And It’s Official–Kids Ruin Everything You Once Loved!

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You know they say you’ve never experienced true love until you have a child fulfill the self-absorbed goals you set out for yourself when you were younger. Don’t be a quitter. Regardless, upon realizing we are incapable of achieving our goals, many of us plant a seed in a woman to pass on our broken dreams to our children. It’s a grim outlook, but I’m a pessimistic piece of shit.

But, my outlook has only been confirmed by the responses about the sex lives of mothers on the mommy blog Mumsnet. The below question was posed in the forum:

How was it and who was it with?

I’ll start before anyone accuses me of starting this thread in order to create male sock wanking material! wink I just thought it would be interesting to see

It was with my long term partner last night. He left to go away for a while this morning so it was our last night together. It was sweet and romantic missionary sex, interspersed with him suddenly remembering out loud household things that needed to be done. It was loving and funny.

So – yours?

Note: DH means Dear Husband is it’s how blogger moms refer to their hubbies. 

DH last night. It was alright. Then we watched an old episode of Sherlock which was alright too

Can’t remember. About a decade ago.

Last Tuesday with DH. It was pretty good, started in the hall when he got back from work late and continued upstairs in bed. Things have improved a lot in that department recently due to me being less knackered and therefore more up for it. He is a good lay considering we have been sleeping together for 17 years.

Nearly 3 years. We’re divorcing and I hope to soon end this state of affairs.

I have needs!!!

Yesterday afternoon. Kitchen. From behind. 😉


Last night. Quietly (sleeping baby in the same room) and as always, very good. Mr LBOCS is extremely generous in bed.

Just a shame that because of my postnatal hormones and breastfeeding, I really don’t fancy it very often sad

About 2 months ago – I was 8mongha pregnant and it was uncomfortable!

I cried during it because it felt different and I was worried it would feel different once baby arrived- I asked my husband next day if it felt different for him and he said “yes I’m not used to you crying during it” can laugh about it now.

Baby is 4 weeks old and I’m too scared to have Sex so will hold off another little while!

About a decade ago. Can’t recall it.

I was in bed. He arrived about 2 hours ago.
I have just spent the majority of that time having repeated orgasms. I have never experienced such incredible sensations.
The first time we were together, it was like he ‘woke me up’. It has escalated to this point. Quite frankly, if anyone told me that it could feel like this, I would not have believed them.

Damn, and wow!
I’m 42. Life begins at 42.
I may die if it gets any more intense.

Sorry for braggy post, but I spotted the thread at a relevant


God damnit, this is depressing. No wonder why my dad quietly resents me.

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