Map Shows Almost Half The US Thinks These Facebook Posts Suck The Most

There are two filter options in Facebook for your newsfeed and it’s either most recent or most popular. I’d like to add a third option named Least Annoying and the algorithm figures out which posts won’t make you want to punch a computer screen.

The fine folks over at Rantic got to thinking about the most annoying things people post to FB and polled over 10K people to ask “which posts annoy you the most?” They tallied the votes and created this handy map showing which states hates which status updates.

I live in NJ, and we all hate babies, which is different than most of country. Most of the US is sick of hearing about other people’s shitty lives. Maybe in NJ we just all assume everyone has a shitty life because of the number of babies?

Anyway, the big question is “why are we still all on Facebook?” Seriously? Think about all of the reasons you signed up for FB from the jump. Do any of those still apply?

We all hate most of our family and people from childhood we lost touch with and we’ve got Tinder to hook up and news is all around us and when was the last time you looked at or responded to an event invite?

Seriously, why the hell do we bother?

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