Here Are The Most Shared Tweets Of 2016 And I Have ZERO Explanation Whatsoever For Number One

by 1 year ago


2016 saw social media and Twitter in particular used as a conduit to what was happening in the world like never before.

As you can see from the list of the most discussed topics on Twitter in 2016, many very important topics were shared by millions across the globe.

That being said, what were the most shared INDIVIDUAL tweets of 2016? Well…

#3. Hillary Clinton’s tweet after conceding the Presidential Election.

#2. Harry Styles quoting Taylor Swift for his 22nd birthday.

And, finally…

#1. A tweet by a YouTube gamer from Spain which simply read, “Lemonade.”


Hang on, Beyonce’s “Lemonade” came out in April, right? So why on earth was this the most shared tweet of 2016? Anyone?

Moving on…

For those that are curious, because of the aforementioned election, here are the second and third most shared political tweets in America in 2016…

Figures, right?


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