Mother Goes Absolutely Haywire On Woman Over Parking Space While Husband Cheers Her On

There are times when a vicious beatdown is absolutely necessary. Someone disrespects your mother? Beatdown. Someone scrolls through the pictures in your phone without permission? Beatdown. Someone steals your parking spot at the mall? This should do.



Just give them a passionate “fuck you!” and then don’t make eye contact when you see them in the Food Court.

This lady beating the piss out of a woman who stole her spot while her husband eggs her on and her kids plead with her to stop is another level of insanity. Small injustices like these happen all the fucking time. I wonder if this lady goes medieval on everyone who causes her slight inconveniences. Delivery guy took 10 minutes longer than projected? Fuck him up. The pimple-faced high school grocery bagger gave you paper rather than plastic? Kill him. Starbucks misspell your name? Make them never forget it.

That’s gotta be exhausting. If I could offer this lady a piece of advice without her taking a bat to my head, I’d tell her that going through life not caring about anything, not standing for anything, is so much easier.

That may explain why I’m usually the one getting pounced on in a mall parking lot.

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