The Mountain Has Revealed His Diet In Prep For World’s Strongest Man 2016–Thoughts And Prayers With His Toilet

The Mountain from Game of Thrones must have a stainless steel toilet. Got to. Not only is the dude 6’9” and pushing 400 pounds, his diet in preparation for the World’s Strongest Man 2016 contest is so extensive, I have to go take a poop just looking at it. Hold on.

Ah. K.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the Europe’s back-to-back strongest man and a living, breathing skyscraper eats like he’s going to the electric chair. Something needs to fuel that personal record of 795 lb squat, 510 lb bench press, 990 lb deadlift, and oh ya, besting a 1,000 year old weightlifting record by carrying a 1,433lbs 30-foot long log on his shoulders for five steps in the World’s Strongest Viking competition in Norway.

In preparation for the World’s Strongest Man competition this year, The Mountain unveiled his daily diet to his Facebook followers, and it is absolutely astounding. He previously reported that he ate 10,000 calories a day, spread over 6-8 meals, this updated diet makes his previous one look like Tara Reid’s breakfast.

the mountain


Remember bros, you get what you put in.

mountain 3

Bonus pic: The Mountain dwarfing an admiring woman.

mountain 2