Girl Has 11 Mugshots Taken Over the Last Three Years, They Might Prove that Meth is One Hell of a Nasty Drug

How (or why) Brigitte Matzke recently got arrested for the ELEVENTH TIME is inconsequential. You don’t care. I don’t care.  No one (save for maybe her loved ones or the victim’s loved ones) cares. Hell, I didn’t even read the story about the arrest and reading this shit IS MY JOB. But not for this it’s not. I know why you clicked this link, why you came here, you did it for one reason and that reason is to see the toll that Meth has allegedly taken on this girl in just three years.

As with every story ever told about meth, the lesson here is: don’t do meth…like…ever…not even once.

[H/T Daytona Beach News Journal]

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