Woman Selling Sofa Online Accidentally Posts A Photo Of Her Amazing Chest

naked selfie with couch

Facebook / Jessica.obrien.733

Jessica O’Brien was just trying to sell her white corner sofa on Facebook. She swears. She just wanted to upload the photos, let people know they could have it for about $600 bucks, and put in her contact info.

Instead, she posted photos of the couch along with a naked picture of her impressive chest (not for sale) along with the photos of the couch.

Her posting got incredibly popular in a short amount of time. Soon after realizing her error and taking the post down, Jessica wrote on her page: “When you make an absolute schoolboy error on your buy and sell post!!!” I don’t know many schoolboys with a rack like that.

Friends and followers of the 25-year-old beauty therapist think she did it just to get more attention and sell the sofa. Sex sells but I’m not sure if it sells sofas though. If it does, Raymour & Flanigan need to rethink their marketing strategy.

[via Metro]

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