Nancy Grace Freaks Out Once Again About Marijuana, Gets Put In Place By Dr. Drew

Nancy Grace is a troll, especially when it comes to the dominos falling over marijuana legalization in the United States. Not content getting destroyed by 2 Chainz on marijuana legalization a few weeks ago, Nancy Grace did another segment about the legalization of marijuana, this time with Dr. Drew and Norm Kent, a 420-friendly criminal defense lawyer who works with NORML. Grace goes full Reefer Madness, presenting the case of a Denver man who killed his wife last year after eating edibles, which she uses for why marijuana should be illegal across the board. The whole time Dr. Drew tries to argue that he could have been using marijuana to cope with withdrawal from prescription drugs.

The whole segment is maddening to watch, with Grace completely ignoring any voice that disagrees with her anti-marijuana stance.

As a fan of the ridiculous, I want to see Nancy Grace really double-down her whole “marijuana should be illegal” thing and get a #POT2BLAME tramp stamp. That would make my life complete.

[H/T: Uproxx]

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