Some Crazy Nature Woman Yanks A Six-Foot Python Out Of The Bushes In Order To Wrestle It

I think snakes were an evolutionary anomaly that somehow never got corrected. There’s no reason they should exist. Legless reptiles with venomous fangs. Fuck that. They literally sound like some sort of monster movie creature, not something you should find in your backyard. The way I always put it, my dad is a pretty tough dude. Not much scares him. One time we were at a bar and some guy pulled a knife on another guy like four feet away from us and he didn’t even bat an eye. When he was little, he cut off a piece of his finger and just never got it looked at because he didn’t think he needed it. And my dad is terrified of snakes. Not sure why, but he is. So, in turn, I don’t trust them. Which is why this chick who chased a snake into the bush is obviously a fucking psycho.

I’m assuming she’s some sort of scientists or something but still, holy shit, are you kidding me? You see a snake running away from you so you drag it back? That’s like noticing an armed robber forgot to load his gun and handing him a full magazine. I almost hope this snake just bit down on this chick’s arm just to teach her a lesson. Sometimes you gotta get burned to in order to learn not to dip your hand in scalding water.

[h/t Coed]