NBD, China Just Lost Control Of A Space Station That Could Slam Into Earth In 2017

How about some uplifting non-political news? You got it! China has allegedly lost control of it’s massive, recently-decommissioned space station. And smart space people think it’s hurling itself towards Earth, though China has yet to acknowledge that it has a problem on it’s hands.


via Space.com:

A Chinese space lab is bound to come back to Earth relatively soon, but when and where this happens is a matter of debate and speculation.

For example, some satellite trackers think China may have lost control of the uncrewed 8-ton (7.3 metric tons) vehicle, which is called Tiangong-1. That’s the view of Thomas Dorman, who has been documenting flyovers of the spacecraft using telescopes, binoculars, video and still cameras, a DVD recorder, a computer and other gear.

“If I am right, China will wait until the last minute to let the world know it has a problem with their space station,” Dorman told Space.com.

Most of the time space agencies bring these things down over the ocean. But if China isn’t in control, who the hell knows where that 8-ton piece of metal will land.

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