This Nerdy Rapper Freestyling In The Hood Is Looking For A Rap Career In Alderaan Places



Here we see a nerdy rapper with an entrepreneurial spirit entering the hood to perfect his freestyling craft, and the results are definitely interesting.

The thing that truly pisses me off about this video isn’t his white bread skills at all, as someone who can’t freestyle for shit I’m definitely not going to judge @BigDawsTV on that…but he’s titled this video ‘Nerd Raps in the Hood’ and I’m failing to see what exactly makes this the hood.

He’s at a gas station, a bus stop, on the street…and the entire time there’s nice cars driving by and everyone’s dressed relatively well. Typically I have a firm rule against posting any sort of ‘hood pranks’ because they’re dangerous and piss me off, but this isn’t even a prank. It’s just some dude going in to suburbia and (presumably) stopping black people to ask if they want to be on YouTube. This pissing anyone else off?

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