Bros, ‘Netflix And Chill’ Branded Condoms Are Here To Make Sex A Little Less Pleasurable

netflix and chill condom

Exciting news coming from the world of condoms!! Who am I kidding? That’s an oxymoron.

Wearing a condom is the equivalent to you rushing out the door to play backyard football with the neighborhood boys and your mom goes, ‘It’s chilly out there, don’t forget to wear the sweater that grandma knitted you with the giant bird on the front!’ And you begrudgingly go to put it on, then realize you’re putting it on inside out (every. time.), and then by the time you wrassle the thing onto your body, your boys are tired and don’t want to play anymore.

But my grudge with condoms is directed at the sex scientists who have made zero technological improvements since the inception of the condom, and not the condom users themselves. I advise all sexually active members of society to wear a cock sock. Chlamydia sucks. Says a friend of mine. With the same first and last name as me.

But I digress!

Lets talk condoms, bros!!!!!!

What are all the millennials saying nowadays: NETFLIX AND CHILL!

For those of you living under a rock, here’s the definition:

netflix and chill

Urban Dictionary

Some millennial genius had the idea to convert the widespread saying into a brand of condoms, now for sale on the market!

netflix and chill condom

From the site:

When it’s time to chill, we’ve got you covered! The perfect gift for you and your friends, our famous Netflix and Chill condoms are certified hilarious and FDA approved for pregnancy and disease prevention.

A four-pack goes for one easy payment of $9.99, with 3 different designs chosen at random. The condoms are shipped for FREE, but make sure to plan your sexcapades because they need 1-2 weeks for delivery.

Now shall we talk about some Netflix and Chill gear we’ll actually wear? Sweet.

We recently came across these fire Netflix and Chill apparel that we think may be of interest to you bros.

netflix and chill


This style is also available in a tank top and hoodie. Could make for a perfect bro gift.