These New Busch Beer Cans Make Me Want To Climb A Mountain, Field Dress A Deer, And Kiss An Eagle

Busch Beer will soon be releasing what might be the single greatest beer can in the history of canned beer.

Busch has long been a staple in the Great American Beer landscape, and this year they’ll be paying homage to fishing, hunting, and the great outdoors with a line of cans devoted to their customer base who likes to get after it outside in God’s Country. Counting myself among the ranks of people like to get hammered in the woods and catch fish, I’m ridiculously excited about these new Busch beer cans:

Go ahead, bask in their glory.

We’ve finally passed the threshold of freezing temps everyday here in NYC and I can see that Spring and Summer are on the horizon. However, It wasn’t until I saw those cans above that I really felt the warm months in my near future. It took seeing those great freshwater fish species plastered on the side of a Busch beer can for me to really open my eyes and realize that Winter has finally passed us by.

As an American it’s your patriotic duty to make sure that you spent at least one weekend this summer fishing on a lake drinking out of these cans. There’s no excuse. You have to grab three or four 24-packs, get in a canoe, and catch yourself some goddamn fish.

As for whether or not these cans will be come a mainstay within the Busch Beer landscape it does seem like that may be a possibility. Last September they rolled out a line of ‘Trophy Cans’ with duck, deer, elk, and other animals. And not only did they have the ‘Trophy Cans’ but according to STLToday they gave away a ton of prizes in conjunction with the cans:

Customers who find one of the 60,000 trophy cans can upload a photo of themselves with the trophy can to Busch’s Facebook page or to be eligible to win prizes, including Busch branded hunting gear and a hunting trip to Deer Creek Lodge in Kentucky. The promotion runs from Sept. 8 through Nov. 30.

Which retailers carry the trophy cans is up to individual distributors. The cans will be available in Missouri and several other states. “The big hunting markets are where these will be available,” said Nate Scudieri, director of value brands at A-B, a category that includes Busch, Natural Light and Rolling Rock. A-B InBev’s North American headquarters is based in St. Louis.

Busch introduced a camouflage hunting design on some Busch cans in 2005. Last year, instead of camo, the Busch hunting cans displayed a retro Busch design reminiscent of the brand’s first packaging in 1955.

Here’s a replica of the trophy cans:

I don’t know about you bros, but after wading through all this information I’m a little ashamed in myself that I’m not drinking more Busch Beer….I guess it’s time I rectify that.

For more on these cans you can head on over to Busch’s Facebook Page.