Check Out This Wack Ass, Triceratops Wannabe That Paleontologists Just Discovered

Royal Tyrrell Museum

Everyone knows Triceratops is a G.O.A.T dinosaur.

Just check out this mother fucker.

The Epoch Times

Lumbering beast will end you. The damn best of the late Cretaceous.

So it makes sense a lot of dinosaurs tried to imitate Triceratops’ effortlessly cool style.

This newly discovered dinosaur, named Regaliceratops, is an effete, cross-dressing, chump impostor. Just look at this pansy dinosaur.

Royal Tyrrell Museum

“Hi I’m a dinosaur.”

Man. That’s such a weak dinosaur. I can’t believe he’s even trying to bring it, looking like that.

Regaliceratops was discovered by Peter Hewes in Alberta, Canada ten years ago, but was only recently named. From Yahoo!:

Regaliceratops peterhewsi is fairly similar to Triceratops, except that its nose is tall and the two horns over its eyes are “almost comically small,” [Caleb Brown, a paleobiologist at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology] said. But the frill on its head is by far the most impressive feature, he said. It looks like a halo of large, pentagonal plates, and one central spike, radiating outward.

“The combined result looks like a crown,” Brown said.

“Hi I’m a dinosaur look at my crown.”

Like I said, stupid fucking dinosaur. Researchers have nicknamed him “Hellboy,” and he seems like he’d be the kind of person who’d be into that.

“I’m Regaliceratops. You can call me Hellboy, though”

Shut up.

He lived 70 million years ago, proving that posers have existed on the Earth since well before our time.

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