Facebook Covertly Redesigned Their ‘Like’ Button And I Bet You Didn’t Even Notice

New Facebook Like Buttons


While most of America was busy crushing candy and pouring honey on their boo boos Facebook was surreptitiously having a team of designers completely overhaul the ‘Like’ button that billions of people worldwide have come to use every day.

People hate change, we’re all mostly creatures of habit, so any minor change to the Facebook experience is going to be met with pitchforks and uproar. This is precisely why it’s so goddamn remarkable that Facebook could roll out a new ‘like’ button to millions without any of us really noticing. So here’s the new hotness:

New Facebook Like Button

In a blog post by Facebook they noted that this new design came with incredible engagement: “The results revealed an increase in engagement, so we are switching the Like button from the Facebook “f” logo to the thumbs up icon.” As noted on The Verge, this new button yields a 6% increase in likes.

Other updates to this button include:

Mobile-friendly: The original Like button was designed when mobile was in its early days. Over 30% of Like button impressions come from mobile devices, and we are releasing new button sizes so you can choose the best one for your site on desktop or mobile.
Backwards compatible: The Like and Share buttons are embedded in millions of third-party sites, so we made sure that any changes we made worked with every configuration previously available. In this design process we did exhaustive testing with different languages and in the context of people’s sites to ensure backwards compatibility and scalability.

I guess it’s important to state that this isn’t actually the ‘like’ button you see on Facebook’s app, this is the ‘like’ button that shows up on websites all across the world on the sides of articles, on websites who haven’t designed their own custom buttons and use Facebook’s offering (we’re talking billions of websites here).

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For more on Facebook’s new ‘like’ button and how to add it to your website you can CLICK HERE.