Newly Released Footage Of Bill Clinton Groping A Flight Attendant Back In The 90s Is Vintage Bill

By now, it should be of no surprise that Bill Clinton would bang you and I if we wore a wig and licked our lips. Colin Powell famously said in a leaked email a few weeks back that Bill is still “dicking bimbos at home.” The dude is fucking 70.

Not to mention, an intern revealed in a new book set to be released soon that Bill would invite his 20-something year old interns into his presidential library in Little Rock, Ark. to give him neck and foot massages and regularly had droves of pretty girls to his apartment, completely secure from cameras.

Clinton is a hungry dog. And hungry dogs gotta eat.

This is evidenced in a recently uncovered video from the 90s which shows Clinton grabbing the inner thigh of a flight attendant during the 1992 or 1996 Clinton/Gore campaign, reports Death and Taxes. The flight attendant immediately swats his hand away.

The video was posted by an anti-Hillary Twitter user and is accompanied with the hashtags #RapistBillClinton and #HillaryTheEnabler in an attempt to portray Hillary as weak and susceptible of being walked all over. Mission accomplished?

[h/t Death and Taxes]

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