New York City Restaurant For Rich Assholes Selling A Dozen Wings For $4,900 On Super Bowl Sunday

Stuffing your face with wings on The Super Bowl is a tradition as American as hot dogs and fireworks on the 4th of July. Chicken wings are getting more and more expensive these days due to demand, but the price-gouging for a dozen wings at a steakhouse in New York City on Super Bowl Sunday is just silly: $4,900.

Of course, this is a big ole marketing gimmick. It’s the brainchild of Old Homestead, a steakhouse in the Meatpacking District, who’s hoping some rich asshole hedgefund manager or something stops in to throw some money around. The wing-breakdown is like this: Three pieces of chicken—three covered in foie gras, three in Louis XIII Cognac-infused cream, and three in $1,600 per ounce Royal Ossetra caviar. The last three “wings” are made of Kobe filet mignon that’s been marinated in a $1,000 bottle of sake.

And not a drop of hot buffalo wing sauce to be found.

The whole “baller” thing reminds me of the classic Dave Chapelle MTV Cribs sketch where he starts cooking a dinosaur egg. No one in their right mind would pay nearly $5,000 for a dozen chicken wings. Right? Right? Right?


Wrong. This is New York City, home to rich assholes! The owner of Old Homestead thinks the stunt will attract “someone who wants to impress clients”:

“It’s ridiculously great,” owner Greg Sherry, 67, told The Post.

“It’s for a client who wants to do something extreme and extravagant, someone who is going to have champagne with their wings or wants to impress clients.”

Look, I’m just a blogger. Putting on deodorant — let alone brushing my hair — is a chore for me most mornings. But if I was “clients” with someone who made terrible, flashy financial decisions like spending $4,900 on a dozen “wings” for the sake of “entertainment,” I would seriously reevaluate my business relationship with them. Kinda seems financially reckless, you know? But hey! At least the restaurant is donating $490 to a great cause for ever dozen sold:

The restaurant is charging $4,900 because it’s the 49th Superbowl, the owner added.

Ten percent of the proceeds go to Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson’s “Why Not You” Foundation, which fights domestic violence, Sherry said.

“It’s for the bragging rights. It’s something that, it’s not your typical soggy wings and soupy chili Super Bowl Sunday …They’re tender, they melt in your mouth,” said the restaurant’s chef, Oscar Martinez. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

A once-in-a-lifetime experience for assholes is what he really means. But hey!….

[H/T: Gothamist]

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