New York Now Has an All-Nugget Restaurant

A lot? A ton? A plethora? That may not even be grammatically correct, but who gives a crap? Because nuggets are awesome. “ME ENCANTAN LOS NUGGETS DE POLLO” Is what I would yell if I was in a Latin American country discussing my passion for little hunks of chicken, battered and fried. 

Now, New York City has an all-nugget restaurant. That's it. Nothing but Nugs… is not what it is called but it should have been. It's called The Nugget Spot, which is an okay name for a nugget restaurant but not the best. Still, the menu is all-nugget. They have chicken nuggets and pork nuggets and fish nuggets and cheese nuggets. For the chicken and pork, there are 10 types of breading and 10 sauces. That 200 potential nugget situations. 

BroBible editor Andy Moore went there recently. “It's okay,” he said. I don't believe him for shit. Nuggets are always amazing. Would anyone like to try it with me? If you are in New York and love nuggets, hit me with a tweet (@DavidCovucci) and we will enjoy some goddamn nuggets. Let's do this, internet. 

[Screenshot via The Nugget Spot, H/T Gothamist]