Newlyweds Get Pranked To Hell And Back, Come Home From Honeymoon To Find A House Full Of Sex Dolls, Manure, Etc.

This is apparently a tradition that goes back to 2008, when one of the dudes in this close-knit crew of friends gets married and they couple leaves for their honeymoon the rest of the crew breaks into that house and pranks the ever living shit out of them. Dave Roe and his new bride Lianne were expecting a prank of some sort when they returned, Dave knew he’d see revenge from previous pranks, but what the couple came home to was more than they could’ve ever imagined.

Sex dolls. A truck full of manure. Scarecrows pinned up throughout the house. This couple got torched:


Dave, 31, and Lianne, 30, had jetted off to Mallorca for a week, and it was when they got back they discovered friend Chris Shaw and other pals had continued the custom at their house.
Dave, a farmer, said: “I was fully expecting it – it was revenge. When Chris got married I wrapped his house in bale wrap and made it look like a bale – his cars, his hedge, his gates, so I was expecting it. Lianne saw the funny side.
“She thought on the way home from the airport they might have been nice and left us alone, but there was no chance.”
He said the only person who “escaped” the prank was the couple’s one-year-old daughter, Jessica, whose belongings were left alone.

This is certainly a tradition I’d consider incorporating into my friend circle. We usually roast the groom in his speech and at some point in the night we hoist him up into the air, tossing up until he can’t stand it anymore (not to be confused with the chair dance). As long as the prank is reasonably easy to clean I wholeheartedly support this. You don’t want to come home from a honeymoon and get stuck with a mess that literally cannot be cleaned, but if it’s just some extreme tidying up then I’m all about this.

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