Compilation Of Reporters Failing To Pronounce ‘Covfefe’ Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

You don’t need to understand covfefe in order to laugh at covfefe. Excuse my manners, I should’ve kicked this off by wishing all you bros a very pleasant covfefe. Now, unless you were living under a covfefe you probably caught some of the memes by now which were born out of President Donald J. Trump‘s unfinished tweet. He fired that tweet off just after midnight Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and within hours there were millions of covfefe tweets and it was the #1 trend on Twitter.

The hype around covfefe was serious. Millions of people, myself included, were immeasurably entertained by the inane misspelling of a word that morphed into a joke. Instead of buckling his belt and admitting it was a typo, the President had Sean Spicer tell reporters that it was a code. Sean Spicer’s exact words were “The president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant.” So, just when we thought the joke was over it was like throwing jet fuel on a campfire. The Internet exploded again, this time with a whole new round of jokes…Here are a few of the best #covfefe jokes from Twitter yesterday:

Now, while everyone on Twitter and Facebook weas making covfefe jokes news reporters were struggling with how to pronounce the word on TV….For the record, this is how it’s pronounced:

Shout out to the Daily Caller for putting this compilation together!

[h/t DIGG Video]