Nicolas Cage Stopped Filming His Upcoming Movie To Help An Ohio Man Find His Missing Daughter

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Nicolas Cage was in Ohio this week filming Dog Eat Dog, a crime drama directed by Paul Schrader centering around a trio of ex-cons who are hired for a kidnapping. Ironically, Nicolas stopped filming the movie on Wednesday to help a local Ohio man with a possible real-life kidnapping of his own.

Britt Ramsey snuck onto the film’s set on the outskirts of Cleveland to ask Cage for his help in finding his 15-year-old missing stepdaughter, Alexis Boroviak.

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TMZ reports that Alexis disappeared close to two weeks ago and Britt Ramsey asked Nic to take a picture with the “Missing” poster in hopes that the notoriety would lead to a safe return.

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Britt also said that Nic offered his condolences and was quick to offer anything he could do to help.

Anyone with information on Alexis Boroviak should call the Brooklyn, Ohio Police Department at (216) 749-1234.

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