Top U.S. General Warns That North Korea Is More Likely Than Ever To Use Nuclear Weapons

Calling tensions on the Korean peninsula higher than any time in the past twenty years, the United States’ top general in the area warned North Korea would use weapons of mass destruction if threatened by America or South Korea.

If [Kim Jong-un] “thought his regime were challenged he states that he would use WMD,” Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti, commander of U.S. Forces Korea, told the Senate Armed Services Committee Tuesday.

Maybe he won’t, but is that a bet we’re willing to take?

Additionally, another top U.S. official testified that North Korea is still trying to get its intercontinental ballistic missile on. But that if they did, we would bring the FLAMES.

Adm. Harry Harris, commander of U.S. Pacific Command, said at the same hearing that if North Korea continues to develop ballistic missiles, a U.S. military option is possible.

The North Korean military warned the U.S. and South Korea Tuesday to expect retaliations for their annual joint military drill in March. The warning came in a statement released Tuesday via state media agency KCNA.

After having already shown they aren’t all that afraid to provoke the U.S., testing a nuclear bomb immediately after engaging in secret peace negotiations, who knows what else they may do?

(Probably not nuke the U.S., but hey, you never know).

[Via CNN]