Look How Flippin’ Sweet This New Fighter Jet Is That’s Gonna Debut At The Super Bowl

by 2 years ago

You know what’s fucking sweet? Fighter jets.

You know what’s even fucking sweeter? New fighter jets.

Northup Grumman, designer of some of the sweetest fighter jets (including the B-2 Spirit Bomber), just posted a new 30-second spot that’s most likely going to play tonight at the Super Bowl.

In it, they tease their next generation of fighter jets. Look at these fucking things. They look like they could take over SPACE.

BTD, They’re gonna have fucking LASERS on them

One of the most complicated parts, analysts have noted, is that if the stealthy planes include lasers, they will need to be built in a way in which the heat doesn’t give them away on enemy radar.


[Via The Washington Post]

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