Today In Martin Shkreli: Phrama Bro Is Offering Kanye West $10 Mil For His New Album To Not Release It, Plus The IRS Says He Owes Them $4 Mil


Another day of dizzying Martin Shkreli news. The owner of the sole copy of Wu-Tang’s Once Upon a Time in Shaolin is making a bid to buy Kanye West’s forthcoming new album, The Life Of Pablo. In true Shkreli style, he wants to pay $10 million and not release it.

Trolling or nah?

Pretty odd that he has that much money burning a hole in his pocket considering his current legal situation.

The legal saga of America’s favorite comic book super villain IRL, meanwhile, continues. According to Gawker, last month the Internal Revenue Service filed a tax lien against “phrama Bro” Martin Shkreli, claiming he owes Uncle Sam over $4 million in back taxes.

Dude has had a weird last two weeks in the news cycle: Last week he tweeted some hot takes about our elected officials in Washington after being called to a Congressional hearing about market manipulation. Earlier this week, rapper Ghostface Killah from the Wu-Tang Clan went in on him:

“People can’t pay that much man. You a real killer man, you’re a real killer. But you’re a soft killer. Youse a clown.

You ain’t been through nothing … you never been in the crib with welfare cheese and fried bologna and all that stuff like that for dinner at night.”

Now he has the IRS on his tail. Even on the government/institutional level Shkreli really is one of the most hated people in the world.

Via Gawker:

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