Get A Raging Freedom Boner From This Nuclear Submarine Breaking Through Several Feet Of Arctic Ice

The Arctic Circle is a frozen wasteland devoid of life. But know what else its missing? Motherfucking freedom! That’s why the Los Angeles Class fast attack nuclear submarine USS Hartford brought all of its badassery to the Arctic Circle and busted through several feet of solid ice to expose it’s erect conning tower.

The attack sub visited the Navy’s newly constructed ice camp dubbed “Camp Sargo,” which is named for the nuclear-powered submarine USS Sargo that launched on October 10, 1957 and was the first U.S. Navy submarine to conduct a Bering Strait transit during the winter years some 56 years ago. The camp consists of a command center that supports more than 70 personnel at a time.

The USS Hartford is at Camp Sargo as part of Ice Exercise 2016, which the Navy describes as a “five-week exercise designed to assess the operational readiness of the submarine force while also continuing to advance scientific research in the arctic region.”

An amazing aerial view shows the massive submarine breaking through the ice.

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My freedom boner rises as the fast attack sub rises from the frozen waters. Despite all of that freezing water, there’s absolutely no shrinkage here.