NYC Strip Club ‘Massage Girl’ Who Helped Scam A Doctor Out Of $130,000 Is A Reminder That Strippers Don’t Love You, Dudes

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Last summer, we briefly posted about a “ring” of strippers associated with NYC’s Scores strip club who allegedly scammed a doctor and a businessman out of almost $200,000. One year later, Scores “massage girl” Karina Pascucci will soon be sentenced to jail for fraud after allegedly swindling a 41-year-old cardiologist out of $130,000 after *allegedly* drugging him with Molly and ketamine. Here’s what went down, according to an NY Post report last year:

The ladies hit the jackpot with Dr. Zyad Younan.

Pascucci met the cardiologist at Cafe Espanol on Bleecker Street in the Village before taking him to strip club Scores and racking up $43,586.11 on his card in November of last year, prosecutors say.

A few days later she got hold of his card again and charged $52,362.50, court papers state.

After meeting the amorous doctor once more at the swanky Breslin Bar and Dining Room, she allegedly made another $39,354.53 in fraudulent charges, records state.

The devious damsels face raps for conspiracy, grand larceny, assault and other charges.

The defendant, Karina Pascucci of New Jersey, spoke to a show called Crime Watch about what she did at the club. It’s just a reminder that when you enter a strip club, that girl’s one and only job is to legally get you to open your wallet:

When asked exactly what a massage girl does, Pascucci insisted there were no happy endings.

“Just, um, you’re not allowed to take your clothes off,” she told the TV show’s correspondent, Jason Mattera. “You just give massages on the dance floor. You sit and talk and you say, ‘Hey, I can hang out with you — order a bottle of champagne.’ Do I think it’s morally correct? No, not at all. I don’t condone it. It is what it is.”

Even though she plead guilty to the fraud charge, Pascucci claims this is all because the doctor didn’t want to pay his six-figure party bill:

“The girls knew him from before, and they knew he was a big spender,” she said about New Jersey doctor Zyad Younan, who is suing Pascucci and Scores. “I think everybody should take responsibility for what happened.”

The Scores girls took Younan “to get bottles [and] to get a private room . . . That’s how you make the most money [at] a gentleman’s club,” she said. Around $130,000 in American Express charges later, the doctor was not so happy.

“He texted me and he said, ‘I’m going to get you guys for this,’ ” Pascucci said of the encounters that took place in the fall of 2013.

The strip club sued the doctor to pay up last year. As you can see, he is suing back.

Just a reminder that a stripper never loves you, especially when you’re a customer in her place of employment. Consider it a cautionary tale the next time you’re approached by a group of girls who want to “party” by taking you to Manhattan’s West Side.

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