These Strippers Just Scammed & Blackmailed $200K From Idiot Businessmen

I’ve never gotten so fucked up that I couldn’t keep people from using my credit card. Granted, once they blew the whopping $4.67 I have chillin’ in my checking account my card would decline, but still. Now on the other hand here we have a group of NYC self-described “professional strippers” who managed drug multiple wealthy businessmen and then rack up over $200 worth of charges on their credit cards. First of all, what exactly constitutes a “professional” stripper? Is that like a stripper who dances full time or just a stripper who takes her job sooper-dooper seriously and carries business cards around?

Anyways, aside from the mad cash-blow, it doesn’t sound so bad.

“The roundup followed an undercover investigation that found that the women joined in a scheme to rip off the men by drugging them with the stimulant methylone, commonly known as “molly,” or other drugs after arranging to meet them at upscale bars in New York and Long Island, authorities said. The impaired victims were driven to Scores in Manhattan and the RoadHouse in Queens, where they were charged for private rooms, expensive meals, drinks and other services, they said.”

Via Business Insider

Molly? Come on now, little 18 year olds pop that for fun and go dance around in fields with flower headbands and shit. My cousin is 8 and I’m pretty sure he could handle a molly trip without blowing his entire allowance in one night. In all seriousness, most people around me would be THRILLED at the idea of a free molly trip, so in reality these guys should be writing “Thank-You” notes to these generous ladies.