Important Infographic Teaches You How To Flick People Off In Countries Across The World

by 4 years ago

Hotel COntract BedsThere's something so delightfully enjoyable about giving someone the finger. It's like, I could use my mouth and my tongue to insult you, but, you know what? You aren't worth those important body parts' time. No, fuck you, you only get a digit.But the finger is not a universal symbol, even though it should be. No, you point your middle finger at someone in Italy and those wacko, affectionate folks over there think you are complimenting them on their pasta (probably).You need to know how to gesture in countries across the world. Thankfully, there's an infographic from Hotel Contract Beds that teaches you when and wear to use The Fig. The Fig. It's so money.(You use The Fig in Russia to say "Fuck You." Note: Do not use The Fig in Russia. You will get killed.)Hotel Contract Beds

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